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he team have extensive experience of organising trips and expeditions to Afghanistan and other remote locations.

James Bingham – Race Director

James is the founder of the Ring O’ Fire, a 135-mile marathon around the rugged coast of Anglesey and one of the UK’s toughest ultra races.

He is a keen traveller, mountaineer, runner and adventurer, and has led several previous expeditions to Afghanistan. When James was asked to help set up the first commercial marathon in Afghanistan he couldn’t resist the challenge.

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Failed winter ascent of Mir Samir, a mountain made famous by Eric Newby in his best seller A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush

Unsupported 400km run through the Wakhan corridor

Gull Hussein – Silk Road Event Management (SREM)

Gull is an Afghan entrepreneur from Bamian. He has been involved in a number of tourism and adventure sports-related projects in Bamian including organising the logistics of the Afghan Ski Challenge since 2012.

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The Afghan Ski Challenge

James Willcox  – Travel & Logistics Partner

James is the founder of Untamed Borders, an adventure travel company providing unparalleled access to some of the world’s most interesting and inaccessible places. The company specialises in trips to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, former Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus, but also arrange bespoke trips to other off-the-beaten-track destinations.

James has guided hundreds of people in hard-to-reach destinations and in 2013 was awarded a personal commendation by Dr Habiba Sarobi the Governor of Bamian Province, Afghanistan, for his part in bringing ski tourism to Afghanistan.

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