Get involved

There are a number of ways to be part of the Marathon of Afghanistan, and they don’t all involve running 42.2k.

A limited number of international runners are able to join each year (details below). Their fees, along with help from our sponsors, enable local runners to participate for free.

It’s also possible to show support by taking part in a virtual run (we’re hoping to organise one in May/June but that may need to be delayed). Or you could buy some of our branded items.

All of those would help ensure that the event continues and that as many people as possible can take part.

And of course you can also follow us and show support on social media, by clicking the relevant icons at the top of the page, or searching for @marathonofafghanistan.

‘It was a huge honour to participate’

Jordan (UK)


Unless you are already present in Afghanistan, international runners need to travel as part of a package organised by Untamed Borders, who have been a central part of the event from the beginning and provide a guided trip that includes marathon entry and internal travel, as well as visits to locations in Bamyan and Kabul.

Click to visit the Untamed Borders website

‘Running the Marathon of Afghanistan was transformative’

Tania (Lebanon/UK)


We are hoping to hold a ‘virtual race’ in late spring or early summer, depending on whether that is practical given the current Covid-19 spread. It would consist of a 5k which could be done anywhere in the world, and the entry fee of GBP15 (or equivalent) would enable us to provide one more race place for a local runner, including transportation, food and t-shirt.

We also have a small supply of Buffs, technical t-shirts and jackets from previous years. Please contact us if you’d be interested in buying anything!