Media coverage

The race has been covered extensively in local and international media. Highlights are shown below, or for a more comprehensive list please download the attached file.


The Guardian
French TV
Radio Free Europe

Runner’s World ‘What’s it like to run a marathon in Afghanistan?’ by David Hellard

The Guardian ‘Donkeys, watermelon and high-level security’ by Keith MacIntosh



National Post ‘Afghanistan’s running women: The racers who made a statement in the world’s most secret marathon.’

MailOnline ‘UK amputee finds freedom in Afghan marathon’

The Daily Afghanistan ‘مسابقات دوش «ماراتن» در بامیان راه اندازی شد ‘


Voice of America
Euro News

NBC News ‘Afghan Girls and Women Run in Mixed-Gender Bamiyan Marathon’


Voice of America

Canadian Running ‘Albertan champions running for women in Afghanistan’

Publication of ‘The Secret Marathon‘ by Martin Parnell

MailOnline ‘Ex-soldier, 34, completes marathon through the hills of Afghanistan as part of charity bid to race through the world’s most-troubled hotspots’


Voice of America

Sky Sports (Italy) ‘Il fotoracconto di una maratona unica al mondo’

Launch of The Secret Marathon, a film by Kate McKenzie and Martin Parnell

The race was also included in Lonely Planet‘s new book, Epic Runs of the World (Aug 2019)