The Marathon of Afghanistan

The Marathon of Afghanistan was the first international marathon to take place in the country and has been held each year since 2015. We’re proud to have been supported by Etisalat since 2016. The event is open to women and men, international and Afghan, people from all ethnic groups and provinces.

The race takes place in Bamiyan province, a beautiful valley in the Hindu Kush which is a UNESCO world heritage site and has long been one of the safest provinces in the country.

‘The moment you cross the finish line, that moment is a golden time’

Kubra (Afghanistan)

The marathon has been set up as a non-profit organisation. The race is free for Afghan runners. Costs are covered with the support of our partners and sponsors, and also by the entry fees from international runners.

Around 120 runners took part in the first year, across the 42k and 10k race distances. In 2019, when we also held a children’s mini-marathon, there were almost 800.

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